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Ow. Just decided that this entry would go better with caffeine and lifted my mug to my lips only to spill hot tea down my chest instead of ingesting it. As I am still in bed, it is a naked chest. Ow. Deam frustratingly fuzzy, but here goes.

I dreamed that my friend Chris was in a band who was putting out an album, and because he was the primary mover and shaker in the band, he was the only one pictured on the album cover. This sort of narcissism is completely unlike the Chris I know, by the way, though he was his usual sunny laid-back self as he talked about it. He wanted me to look at the album cover, and I did, but immediately started screaming when I did so. In the picture, he was lying on a beach with a huge tarantula on his head. After I screamed he said he’d forgotten about how I’m scared of spiders. I didn’t really believe he’d forgotten, though.

There was a part where we were on an airplane, with extra roomy seats, like the kind you see in movies that take place on airplanes and not at all like it is on real airplanes. The seats were funny white hard plastic seventies looking things with a solid single leg. Hmmm, that doesn’t make sense described. I’d hazard a sketch if I had a scanner. Scanner is on our list of things to get at some point. Maybe my friend Elaine, who probably knows a lot about a thing like this as it meets her twin worlds of gadgetry and publishing, would be extra nice and send me a couple of recommendations on Mac-friendly cheapish quality scanners? Anyways, moving on (this is what it’s like when I write before I’ve had tea, by the way, all over the map).

So after the part where we’re on the airplane, there’s a part where I have a tiny notebook filled with names and notes, but I don’t remember anything else about that segment.

Finally there’s a part where there’s a small but still scary spider in my clothing, and I can feel it crawling over my skin and I keep trying to kill it by hitting myself where I feel the crawling. Finally I take my clothes off and the little spider corpse is flattened on the top of my foot. Someone helps me wipe it off with a paper towel. Ewwww.


Sun 28th Nov 2004 at 3:12 pm

I have an HP 4600, which has a weird style (it’s glass on both sides) and is quite lovely to look at and only slightly odd to use. If I had it to do over I’d get the 4650, the next model up, which is the same glass thing but sits upright in a stand. My dad has a simple little USB Canon that I got him. It weighs nothing, it’s powered right through the USB cable, and it works great.

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