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I will recount the dreams from Friday and Saturday night. Saturday’s will be the first of my publicly recorded dream set with graphic sexual content, though I’m not going to be very elaborate with the descriptions, so if you’re only clicking through out of prurient interests, don’t bother. It’s not terribly interesting. If you read something you didn’t want to, you have no one to blame but yourself, because I’m giving you all the don’t read warnings I possibly can.

Friday night’s dream was very vivid and detailed, and I went over it very carefully in my head before I got up on Saturday, but didn’t write it down, and now it’s all gone except for one thing: the Oracle from the Matrix was in it and she was foretelling my future or telling me what had to be done or something like that.

On Saturday night I dreamed that I was trying to entice Kurt to have sex with me, so I stripped off all my clothes and lay on this sort of futon bed that was in my room. It was like a dorm room or an efficiency apartment but it was huge. So I had my knees off the futon and my tail way up in the air and my face against this soft grey and black blanket and Kurt comes in the room. He tells me he’ll have sex with me but only if I’m willing to leave the door to the hallway open. Of course my butt is exactly positioned facing this partially open doorway. I am really nervous about this, as anyone could and probably would walk by (my parents included) but I’m also aroused by the idea and I agree to it. We have some pretty intense sex and I remember thinking that my parents have no call to be alarmed if they see anything. After all, we are married, and they should know about what married people do!


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